Using This Time Wisely…

Across this country (and) around the world, people are going stir-crazy from being stuck indoors, missing their “normal” routines and for many, facing the fact that they are now unemployed!

Trying to remain calm in uncertain times is an easy ask but…a hard task for most. I just want to encourage people to use this time wisely. Be creative. Work on that dream you’ve been delaying for so long. You can birth a miracle even in a time of crisis!

I have always been an advocate for “being your own boss!” Finding ourselves in times like we are today, with this COVID-19 pandemic, is the reason why. After the mortgage implosion in 2007/8, many of us had to reinvent ourselves. I have not worked for anyone since 2009, mainly because I was incensed on starting my own business in 2008.

For me, I just hate having “the powers that be” control my livelihood and my financial existence so greatly. Is it hard being your own boss? Yes, but, you can have a job and still have other things working for you in the at the same time.

There is not one millionaire or billionaire that receives their money from ONE origin. I will never understand why working people always rely on ONE income source and get mad if, and or when that source is threatened or worse…gone!

We have learned time and time again to not put all of our eggs into one basket, yet, we constantly find ourselves doing just that!

There are so many talents and gifts we are born with, why not leverage that to produce an income stream. Teach your children to do the same! Cell phones and video games are not the answer. Encouraging your children to think and to dream will save them when they too are faced with adversities.

This is not a time to be sad, hopeless and frustrated. Instead, be thankful that you have this spare time to research, implement and execute your own income building platform.

I am in the business of credit and finance because I love helping people, I respect money and how it greatly benefits our lives and…I’m allergic to being broke. It makes me itch! 🙂

I’m very passionate about helping consumers use their personal credit to build wealth. I’ve been doing this for over 2 decades. Has it been easy? Not at all. But, it’s been worth it!

So…I want to encourage you to use this time wisely to give birth to ALL the possibilities that lie within you. You are much more than your job. Your dreams have been lying dormant for years. It’s time to resurrect your imagination, rewrite your objectives and put some passion behind your mission!

To your massive success,

Monique Macklin
The Credit Lady

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