Why Credit Bureaus Hate Credit Repair Companies?

After being in the real estate, finance and credit world since 1997, I have a long history when it comes to this question. One thing I do know for sure is: As a consumer you are NOT the customer when it relates to the major credit bureaus!! The companies they SELL your data to are […]

Using This Time Wisely…

Across this country (and) around the world, people are going stir-crazy from being stuck indoors, missing their “normal” routines and for many, facing the fact that they are now unemployed! Trying to remain calm in uncertain times is an easy ask but…a hard task for most. I just want to encourage people to use this […]

Emergency Fund: Are You Prepared?

What is an emergency fund? An emergency fund is designed for life’s unexpected mishaps.  It’s for  medical emergencies, surprise family obligations, employment loss, home/auto repairs and so much more.  Emergency funds are ALL cash and must sit in your bank as a cash reserve. An emergency fund should not be used for trips with friends, […]

How Good Credit Builds Wealth

I am often looking for ways to help others minimize their financial risks, get their credit on track and create a level of financial independence that is life changing. I never understand how people can be ok living paycheck-to-paycheck, not having a financial emergency fund (you know…just in case some s**t happens) and just being […]

Banks Get Rich Off Poor People

Quote:  “People treat banking like an electric utility where if you flip the switch it has to be there for you. But the truth is banking is a business that aims to makes profits for shareholders,” Nancy Bush, bank analyst. At the end of the day, a bank is in business to make a profit.  […]

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