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Emergency Fund: Are You Prepared?

What is an emergency fund? An emergency fund is designed for life’s unexpected mishaps.  It’s for  medical emergencies, surprise family obligations, employment loss, home/auto repairs and so much more.  Emergency funds are ALL cash and must sit in your bank as a cash reserve. An emergency fund should not be used for trips with friends, […]

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How Good Credit Builds Wealth

I am often looking for ways to help others minimize their financial risks, get their credit on track and create a level of financial independence that is life changing. I never understand how people can be ok living paycheck-to-paycheck, not having a financial emergency fund (you know…just in case some s**t happens) and just being […]

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Banks Get Rich Off Poor People

Quote:  “People treat banking like an electric utility where if you flip the switch it has to be there for you. But the truth is banking is a business that aims to makes profits for shareholders,” Nancy Bush, bank analyst. At the end of the day, a bank is in business to make a profit.  […]

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